As You Like It

As You Like It


As You Like It by William Shakespeare, the witty and romantic journey centred around Rosalind, who Harold Bloom has called “ …of all Shakespeare’s comic heroines, Rosalind is the most gifted, as remarkable in her role as Hamlet and Falstaff are in theirs.” Prepare for comedy, wit and a journey through the Forest of Arden!

performance dates & tickets

As You Like It will premiere June 3rd and run through July 10th at the Botanischer Garten Frankfurt. Please reserve your tickets via Frankfurt Ticket


  • This is a promenade performance – you will be on your feet throughout the performance with limited seating in some locations! Folding chairs are only allowed if you need to sit from time to time due to physical challenges. Please contact and we will find a solution.
  • This is a 3G event, so we ask you to provide proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test (from an official testing site, no older than 24 hours). Masks will not be required.
  • There is one 15-minute interval, but no concessions. You are welcome (and in hot weather very much encouraged) to bring your own drinks and snacks, just please keep this within reasonable quantities.
  • We advise audiences to check the weather forecast on the day of the performance and to dress appropriately – ponchos and rain jackets but please no umbrellas, as those would block the view of others. The show will take place in all weather, unless there is a threat of lightning.
  • The decision whether we must cancel due to storms can and will only be taken on location shortly before the show. If we are forced to cancel, you can exchange your ticket for a later performance. Thank you for your understanding.

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Photography by Stephan Junek


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