No one shall know our joys, save us alone,

And there is no evil til the act is known.

Tartuffe – Act IV.5

Molière’s comedic masterpiece is about “The Cult of Personality”, or what happens when a con-artist attempts to fool an entire family. 

This timeless comedy is a story that highlights how absurd a family becomes when they are fooled and manipulated by the charlatan, Tartuffe. Using Richard Wilbur’s poetic translation, traditions from Volkstheatre and Commedia dell’arte, Shakespeare Frankfurt will take you into a world of hypocrisy and humor where the question becomes: How easily do we trust what we hear and at what point do we begin to take action when we know we have been deceived. Molière created one of the great comedies of all time by taking many of the stock characters from Commedia dell’arte and transforming them into multifaceted personalities who are either seduced, conned or vilified by the lecherous Tartuffe. 

Director – Elisa von Issendorff

december 2020 - february 2021

At the Internationales Theater Frankfurt

More information will be available soon!