A detailed look at how location is created, manipulated and managed by those who create Theatre.

The Covid restrictions are easing. Theaters are opening again, and we at Shakespeare Frankfurt are thrilled to invite you to our 2nd annual online symposium and fundraiser. This event was born from the restrictions placed due to the pandemic but we see it as a blessing in disguise. By offering this as online content we are able to gather artists from around the world to share their experiences and discuss various aspects of theatre. What a great way to celebrate World Theatre Day! We look forward to sharing all this content with you and hope to see you at the Theatre and the Garden.

For this years World Theatre Day event we have organized three panels of professionals with each focusing on a different aspect of location.

With our designers Michelle Bohn, Mal Hall, and J.P. Volk we discuss the approach they each use when recreating or replicating certain environments both historical and fantastical within the confines of a theatre and their specific disciplines.

Our Actors panel include Stephen Conrad Moore and Nicolas Matthews, each are classically trained in their respective countries and are full time performing artists living and working in NYC and the Schauspiel house system here in Germany. Their discussion focuses on the differences and similarities of theatre between the two cultures.

Finally, we have our directors panel which brings Michele Vazquez, Joanna Rosenfeld, and Anna Demidova together as we discuss their approaches to creating outside of a traditional theatre, whether it’s in, clubs, bars, gardens, warehouses or a street corner.

As an added bonus we will also be sharing excerpts from our summer Go West festival production Travellers, Fools, and Thieves. So crack a bottle of your favorite wine get comfy and enjoy some insights into the world of theatre from those whose job it is to create.

A comparison of professional actors in the US and Germany, from desire, to training, to working in the professional world and beyond.

How we create the world of the play using technology, creativity and the senses.

Transforming the mundane into the otherworldly.  A detailed look at using non-traditional spaces as venues for theatre.

Stephen Conrad Moore (Actor)


Nicolas Matthews (Actor)

Hannover, Germany

Michelle Bohn (Costume and Set Designer)

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Mal Hall (Musical Director)

UK/Frankfurt, Germany

Johannes Paul Volk (Light Designer)

Theater Bielefeld, Germany

Michele Vazquez (Director/Actor/Educator)

Raue Center for the Arts - Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA

Joanna Rosenfeld (Director/Actor/Producer/Educator)

Brighton, UK

Anna Demidova (Director)

Moscow, Russia

We are at a difficult time for the world of the arts, the global pandemic has forced the closure of over 10 million jobs in the arts sector globally and those of us still around are in great need of your support. All the artists who will be a part of our World Theatre Day symposium and fundraiser are volunteering their time and we hope you too will be generous with your giving. We truly hope the panels we have organized will bring some greater sense of understanding of the art form of the modern theatre as well as insight into the inner workings of a field that is facing major structural changes due to our everchanging world. Thank you for donating and enjoy this celebration of Theatre arts and the people who bring it to life!

There is a suggested €10 minimum donation to attend this event. Larger donations are certainly welcome and most appreciated! Donations can be made via PayPal or bank transfer. As we are a registered association, all donations are tax deductible. For questions regarding your donation, please contact pomoni.varvara@shakespearefrankfurt.de.

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