Antony & Cleopatra

Antony & Cleopatra

Antony & Cleopatra

A Retractatio of the love affair that crosses continents. One of Shakespeare’s later plays tackles some of the geo-politics of antiquity, the passionate connection between two great leaders, while spanning the Mediterranean from Rome to Asia Minor and beyond to Egypt. All in all an epic journey.  

performance dates & tickets

Antony & Cleopatra will premiere October 7th at the Internationales Theater Frankfurt with performances throughout the 21-22 season. Please reserve your tickets at Internationales Theater Frankfurt

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This production of Antony and Cleopatra is a sensual journey through the Ancient world.  Our focus, as always at Shakespeare Frankfurt, is to first tell the story.  To do this we put 6 actors and 6 structures on a stage, with a dynamic light and sound design, together with Shakespeare’s text we bring to life a place and time rich with history, legend and an epic love affair.   

The actors, Varvara Pomoni, Jim Phetterplace Jr., Jonathan Roth, James Bailey, Susanna Mauer and Antonia Görge all have extensive professional credits and are core ensemble members of Shakespeare Frankfurt.   Together they play over 20 different characters, all with depth and specificity.

I wanted a clean and sleek production with little to get in the way of the audience taking in the story.  To achieve this the Japanese concept of Ma (negative space) was used in the design to allude to place and time while giving the actors a space to work in with levels and a variety of playing spaces, this creates a form of storytelling that has pace, continuity, and structure while also asking the audience to explore their own imaginations.  Shakespeare borrowed most of his narrative directly from Plutarch, we used this as a starting point but made a small handful of adjustments to the text to support the design of a 6-person team of performers.  

Covid put us all in the arts on the backfoot and we hope this epic journey will remind our audiences that live storytelling is an important part of who we are and where we come from.

PJ Escobio
Artistic Director
Shakespeare Frankfurt


Cast and Characters (in order of their appearance):
Varvara Pomoni: CLEOPATRA (queen of Egypt), Soothsayer (of Egypt), Messenger, Menas (pirate captain in league with Pompey), Maecenas (advisor to Caesar),
Jonathan Roth: Marc ANTONY (general and triumvir of Roman Republic), unlucky Messenger, Proculeius (diplomat for Caesar), Clown (poison-maker for Cleopatra)
James E. Bailey: Dercetus (soldier in Antony’s army), Mardian (attendant to Cleopatra), ENOBARBUS (soldier and advisor to Antony), Messenger, Dolabella (diplomat for Caesar),
Antonia Görge: Iras (attendant to Cleopatra), Messengers, Octavius CAESAR (triumvir of Roman Republic, adopted son of Julius Caesar and future emperor of Roman Empire), Canidius (lieutenant-general to Antony),
Susi Mauer: CHARMIAN (attendant to Cleopatra), Messenger, POMPEY (rebel against the triumvirat), Agrippa (admiral to Caesar), Octavia (sister to Caesar), Scarus (soldier for Antony), Thidius (diplomat for Caesar)
Jim Phetterplace Jr.: Philo (soldier in Antony’s army), EROS (attendant to Antony), Alexas (diplomat for Antony & Cleopatra), Messenger, LEPIDUS (triumvir of Roman Republic), Schoolteacher (ambassador for Antony & Cleopatra), Centurion (under Caesar)


PJ Escobio – Director, Costume Designer

Damien Ntuk – Set Designer/Technical Director

Alex Eirich – Lighting Designer

Artun Otter and Lewis Lenk – Sound Designers

Lena Langenkamp – Costume Construction

James E. Bailey – Costume Supervisor

Camille Clair and Albert Dietrich – Set Painters

Vera Mark – Run Crew Captain

Nathan Dodd – Run Crew

Renard Yearby – Run Crew

Jasmina Francetic – Run Crew

Patrick Joyce – Run Crew

Stephan Junek – Show and rehearsal photography

Marta Torres – Rehearsal photography