An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the People

An Enemy of the people

fall production 2018

This is a story about public opinion. Ibsen’s political drama of 1882 about a scientist trying to save his city from water pollution, only to end up as a scapegoat. The piece shows a split protagonist and whistle-blower, Dr. Thomas Stockmann, who tries to warn his city against polluted water that pollutes the bath that keeps the city solvent. His sister is the mayor, who, worried about the economic impact, wants to suppress Thomas’s claims. What happens when those who know the truth try to share it with the public? Does this sound familiar to you? The piece is infinitely adaptable to political time. Ibsen’s dark realistic drama is about how the hero can not win and has recently regained relevance. With this new translation, Shakespeare Frankfurt brings Ibsen’s 135-year-old classic to life for today’s audience. The biggest question you’ll ask yourself is which side you choose…

Starring Michael Kinzer as Dr. Thomas Stockmann and Sara Jones as Mayor Stockmann

Also featuring Isabelle Wagner, Lisa Ullrich, Varvara Pomoni, Anna Jane Rogers, Esa Holstein, Emma Teitge, Melanie Kenny, Paul Cowlan, Renard Yearby, Christopher Morahan, Vera Mark, Leanne Maksin and Jacob Solf. 

Director: PJ Escobio

Producer: Tracey Grey (Shakespeare Frankfurt)

Stage Manager: Jacqueline Teegarden