winter production 2019

Shakespeare Frankfurt presents a modernized version of “Othello” as seen through the lens of “Law and Order”. Othello, head of a specialized FBI unit, is prey to the machinations of one of his oldest and most trusted agents, Iago and slowly succumbs to a monstrous jealousy. Based on the folio text, this scaled-down and streamlined version brings Shakespeare’s notions of honor, jealousy and betrayal into a world entirely recognizable for a contemporary audience.

Starring Renard Yearby as Othello and Paul Cowlan as Iago

Also featuring Sara Jones, Varvara Pomoni, Jim Phetterplace Jr., Christopher Morahan, and Leanne Maksin.

Director: PJ Escobio

Producer: Tracey Grey (Shakespeare Frankfurt)

Stage Manager: Vera Mark

Photos: Kate Miller Photo.