shakespeare in the garden 2019

At a time when the population struggles for resources, two people take it upon themselves to make a grab for power. Their actions are based on the half-true ramblings of three witches and the perceived opportunity that is presented to them. One fateful choice leads them to a series of bad decisions and takes their entire community to the brink of destruction. This haunting tragedy is filled by notions of how and why we take advantage of opportunities and the effects of those choices. Presented in promenade style from Shakespeare’s Folio text, the audience will journey through the Frankfurt Botanical Garden and see the struggles of one community racked by tyranny.

Starring Michael Kinzer as Macbeth and Varvara Pomoni as Lady Macbeth

Also featuring Jacqueline Teegarden, Tracey Grey, Jim Phetterplace Jr., Esa Holstein, PJ Escobio, Emilio Gotterbarm-Díaz, Emma Teitge, Klara Weber, Sara Jones, Paul Cowlan, Anna Jane Rogers, Christopher Morahan and Matthias Feldhaus Posada

Director: PJ Escobio

Assistant Director: Vera Mark

Producer: Tracey Grey (Shakespeare Frankfurt)

Stage Manager: Leanne Maksin

Assistant Stage Manager: Shayana Gotterbarm

Fight Director: Mathias Kunzler